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July 7, 2017


Quick updates...I participated in the Support Independent Tack Shops day and scored these awesome Noble Outfitters riding tights. For those of you looking for a good weight (hides lumps and bumps) tight with silicone knee patches and a higher waist, this pair has you covered :-). I also scored the Ariat Volante V Sport boots. I liked the trimmer footbed on this pair as opposed to my other pair (which my foot positively swims in). I also bought Bug a new bit and now before you start finger wagging about my whole ride better, don't bit up mentality... I got her a loose ring happy mouth with a center roller. She had been going in the D ring happy mouth with the center roller, but on occasion the reins would get stuck on the D's and she would get really wigged by that. I understand how that could be upsetting. Hence, the new bit....which she seems to be going better in. There is less irritation and leaning in the corners and Wonder of Wonders, we now have a freewalk on a loose rein. The hot tomale, I can't possibly WALK girl, is killing it. Until last night.

Two is the maximum number of horses that I can ride in a night after work. One is the number of bay mares who have a complete meltdown when they are not ridden before the OTHER MARE. OMG, the high school drama that ensued. This resulted in the formerly working on relaxation, I have a freewalk mare... to completely loose her ability to function. So, I put on my big girl panties and kicked her into a trot, concetrating on being soft and relaxed with my hands to let her get some of the energy out and infront of us. She still just wanted to GOGOGOGOGOGO all the places very fast, so I just put my leg on and said NOPE, get round, go forward, and act like you have some semblance of manners under saddle. Happily, it worked and we had a very nice ride and ended with a lovely freewalk on a loose rein. Sigh. Mares. Who do I have TWO of them?!?

The red mare is STILL professing to have no knowledge of left bend. Sigh. She was sightly distracted by the SCREAMING BANSHEE in the barn during our ride, but managed to still try very hard to be appropriate. We celebrated by walking out beside the indoor and having a few bites of grass at the end of our ride. We are working on all of the things right now...ALL of them, no lie. It is exhausting. I need to start each ride with a list of two things to work on and stick with just those two because .. oh my..all the's just too much. 


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October 1, 2018

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