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Barn Drama...

August 11, 2017

Does anyone else have this? I am not talking about boarders because I have none. Very few people come to my farm and they are all usually very nice. Nope, my problem is the horses. For example.... this was my morning. It's 5:45 am (I was a little slow getting out to the barn) I enter the barn to be greeted by the screaming barn cat... stop, snuggle her a minute and then try not to face plant while she rubs between my legs while I get her fed. I walk out to the first paddock and call for JD and Darcy. Today Darcy is unwilling to leave the far fenceline and her BFF. So, I walk over..did I mention that it is starting to rain now and I and just wearing a zip up t-shirt jacket? I try to get her to go in..she starts bucking and running around me back to her friends. I take off the jacket and loop it around her head/face like a halter. She drags her feet but comes and all the while is drooling on me and the jacket. Nice. It starts raining harder. Fun. The donkey obediently follows along and stands at his stall be allowed in. I walk back out to the far field and open the gate for the other two. Thank god for dusk to dawn lights! Rocky saunters toards the barn and Cinder is behind me.... until we get to the gate to the barn paddock, when she does her stealth wander to eat the better grass in Bug's paddock. I get to the barn and take Rocky's muzzle off... ok so I grab it and unhook it while he dances and then yanks his head away and dives into this handful of feed. It's our routine. Bug starts screaming for Cinder. I wait.... no Cinder. More screaming and some pawing. Sorry everyone in the neighborhood because you know, we have to be loud enough to wake the dead and alert the neighbor's mares.. who often times join in. Sigh.... I go on a walkabout and locate Cinder who is speed shoveling clover into her face. I grab her fly mask and drag her back in.... all is good until we are turning into her stall when the cat streaks by and the Canadian Cow throws her head up and leaps backwards snorting. I grab and have her just about back in when the cat leaps up onto the hay cart and the (&*$%&^*& COW leaps backwards again. Third times a charm and I get her into the stall and then have to wrestle with her to get the flymask off while she is vaccuming up her breakfast. Sigh... the struggle is real. Then I have to snuggle the cat briefly, mix up the dinner rations, turn on the fans (yes, each one has their own fan) deal with the baleful stares and the Judgy looks. Bugs days "Mommy can you just stay home and snuggle me? Cinder's says "I would rather be outside you know." They boys are busy eating and pretending to be angels. HA!  Does anyone else have mornings like this?

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