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November 7, 2017

Before I forget, please vote for me in the horse junkies united bloggers contest!


And it all comes to a grinding halt!  We came back from Octoberfest and we all took a break from training. I sat on bug a few times and just as I was about to put Cinder back to work, she pulled a shoe  :-( , so she got more time off. And as of Sunday, we are back on daylight savings time and I still have no lights in the indoor. 

I have finally accepted the fact that the Bug seems to have hit the end of her growth spurt/shape shifting stage and she is back to needing a wiiiide dressage saddle 16.5 - 17 inch. I have started the shopping process and am seriously considering robbing a bank. Since when did saddles cost 4-5K? I can't even! I remember when $2500 was a healthy budget. What I need: Wool flocked, slightly curved tree or upswept panels. Wide for her, but a flatter seat for me because I have the 21" hip to knee measurement that is typically reserved for 6' tall men and my friend Libby and I . So this leaves out any dressage saddle with a short flap or a large block because I need a 17.5" seat to accomodate my leg... but the Bug is a short backed, big moving 14.2 warmblood. I am now riding her in a 16.5 County warmblood #4 fit. It is the first thing that didn't walk up her neck and at some point it actually nearly fit her. It tips me a tad forward because it is so deep and scoopy and it's just too narrow for her these days. She has withers that fade into a nice family style back (flat and wide) that rise to her haunches. She has been getting monthly chiropratic and body work for the last 6 months and she is moving like a baby rock star. She is learning to stetch under saddle and has stretched down three times at the trot in the last 2 weeks! We need a new saddle to keep this momentum going. 


So, the recap:

1) vote for me

2) daylight savings = inertia

3) dark indoor = no riding after work

4) happy pony = new saddle search

5) broke a@@ horsegirl = please send lotto tickets!

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