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The new adventures in WTF was I thinking?

June 26, 2018

So, look... here's the thing. I wanted a LQ trailer... and if you read the last post, you KNOW why it was not to be. So, fueled by frugality and my minimal yet adequate home improvement/carpentry (not) skills, I decided that I should just insulate the roof of the dressing room in my new trailer and then do the rest myself. So, for about 8 months I have been reading/addicted to the FB group Horse Trailer Conversions II. I have been imoressed with the gorgeous makeovers and all the super cool designs other people have done. Some were done by ladies on their own. The above picture was done on day 1 of the project cut and tape... in which I learned that: 

1) No SH*T people are not lying that aluminum tape will cut you to the bone before you even know what happened. (gloves rule)

2) OMG this will take the rest of my life to complete and I need to buy about 10 lottery tickets so I can pay someone else to finish this.

Saturday I arm twisted my spouse into accompanying me to Menards to buy two pieces of plywood to put over the insulation on the floor. He did help with the measuring and cutting. Yes, One piece as off a bit... uhm NO, we did not buy a new piece and re-cut it. My SO HATES any type of physical labor and I was lucky to get 5 cuts. 

Sunday we realize that when we put the two pieces of plywood down... they move a bit when you step on them... this will be an issue with the vinyl planking. I of course, hit up the FB page for assistance. "paneling clips". I go to buy them... they have 5/8" not 3/4". No problem, I will borrow the dremmel tool and notch out a groove. 

Last night was notch and install. Lessons learned:

1) The drmmel tool is a b*tch with it's own mind that jumps around like a mexican jumping bean. WT Hello? I can't even... but well, I got the boards lined up and the grooves aligned. But, uhm now I have to get them into the trailer.. bahahaa... oh and it's windy because well, we live in the midwest. So, I managed to get the two sections out to the trailer without knocking myself out. Then I concoted a random a** plan that involved extra pieces of foam insulation, clips and ties and acrobatics to get them into the floor of the trailer. I have a sneaking suspicion that my neighbor was secretly filming the antics and laughing at this whole process. Needless to say that it did not install perfectly but there is no way I am taking that sh*t back out again, so DEAL WITH IT. 

2) If I ever do this again...HELLA NO.. I will do it completely differently. Like seriously, hindsight is 20/20.

That process went so well that I decided to bring out the insulation for the knee wall. Which was kind of like flying a kite that keeps smacking you in the face and tripping you. Which brings on another lesson learned:

1) Only buy the 3M tape. Menards only had this other off brand shizzle. For realz, I did about 5 feet of taping, it took 45 minutes and 4 uslelessly tangled pieces. I tossed that crap in the trash. Buying more tape tonight. 

Free hard cider to any adults willing to help with this project. Hilarity starts at 6 pm tonight.



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